Weather Policy

The Flag Warning System will be used to relay the status of the race with respect to weather and safety conditions to the participants and volunteers.  The following will be distributed to all race participants via email and be displayed at the Expo & Packet Pick-Up.

Flag Warning System

There will be a simple flag color system along the Summerfest Rock 'n Sole Run course to help warn participants of weather related or course related problems. Flags will be located at each mile marker along the course.

  • Green Flag: Everything is normal.
  • Yellow Flag: The heat index is at a point that runners/walkers should slow down and drink plenty of water.
  • Red Flag: Dangerous weather.  Runners and walkers should slow down and take plenty of water. Timing of the event has stopped and no awards will be given out at this time.
  • Black Flag: Race has been cancelled due to extreme weather or course emergency. Events such as lightning, tornado or human disaster have or are occurring and all participants need to seek shelter immediately.

How do you know if the flag is changed? There will be 3 short air horn blasts every 30 seconds at each mile marker to notify runners the flags have been changed.  In addition, if a flag changes Pace Team Leaders will adjust their pace accordingly. In the event of a flag change, Pace Team Leaders will slow their speed and encourage runners around them to slow down and drink plenty of water. At this time, the race no longer has Pace Teams and Leaders will drop their signs and monitor pace for safety.