Half Marathon Route Info

Participants will enjoy breathtaking views of the downtown Milwaukee skyline, Lake Michigan and the Summerfest grounds as they race over the Daniel Hoan Memorial Bridge, a Milwaukee landmark and throughout the course. 

Half Marathon Route Info

Course modifications for the half marathon route will take runners south on First Street into the Bay View neighborhood along Bay Street, where they will then run over the Hoan Bridge heading north. After runners exit the Hoan Bridge, the half marathon route will continue along Lake Michigan, through Lakeshore State Park and behind the Marcus Amphitheater toward the Finish Line near the South Gate.

Half Marathon Turn-by-Turn

Start at Erie Street and Young Street

  • South on Young Street
  • West on Pittsburgh Avenue
  • South on First Street
  • South on Kinnickinnic Avenue
  • East on Bay Street
  • South on ramp from Lincoln Avenue
  • East on Carferry
  • North on NB ramp to NB I-794 (Hoan Bridge)
  • North on Lincoln Memorial Drive (using SB lanes)
  • North on Lafayette Hill Road
  • East on Lafayette Hill Place
  • North on Terrace Avenue
  • West on North Avenue around Water Tower Roundabout
  • East on North Avenue
  • North on Terrace Avenue
  • NE on Oakleaf Trail along Wahl Avenue
  • North on Oakleaf Trail through Lake Park at Belleview Place
  • East on Lincoln Memorial Drive (using NB lanes) at exit of Lake Park
  • South on Lincoln Memorial Drive (using NB lanes)
  • SE on Lagoon Drive
  • South on Oakleaf Trail at parking lot
  • West on Oakleaf Trail at lakefront
  • South on Oakleaf Trail following lakefront
  • Cross Michigan Street onto Hank Aaron State Trail
  • South on Hank Aaron State Trail (using westernmost path)
  • South on Access Road behind Marcus Amphitheater
  • West on Access Road behind Marcus Amphitheater
  • North on Service Road west of Hoan Bridge

Finish on Service Road South of Polk Street



Medical support during the Summerfest Rock ‘n Sole Run will be provided by health care professionals with medical assistance available at each Aid Station along the route. A fully-equipped medical facility will be located adjacent to the Finish Line. Participants requiring medical assistance may be transported to a nearby hospital, and will be billed by the hospital and ambulance provider. Participants must give on-scene medical personnel the freedom to determine which facility will be utilized.  IMPORTANT: Each participant must complete the medical information form on the back of their bib number. Please take time to fill out the medical information and provide emergency contact information. This will make your important health care information available to health care professionals in the event you are unable to communicate with them.


Each mile marker features a large display clock that will indicate the running time of the event. These display clocks will show the current time from the official start of the race, not each runners personal time. A system has been developed to display the mile marker sign, clock and colored warning flag in one location. As runners pass each mile, they will see an information station providing them with the status of the race, where they are on the course, the official race time and race conditions.


The Summerfest Rock ‘n Sole Run course will feature entertainment groups ranging from spirit squads, school bands and local bands.


There will be 10 Aid Stations along the half marathon course as well as at the Start and Finish Lines. All Aid Stations on the course will have medical personnel and Port-o-lets near each location.


Start Line
Mile 1.25
Mile 2.75
Mile 4.25
Mile 5.75
Mile 7
Mile 8.5
Mile 10
Mile 10.75
Mile 11.5
Mile 12.25


There will be 6 Misting Stations along the course (pending weather). Please check back for updated locations.


Port-o-lets will be located nearby each Aid Station (excluding mile 1.25 and 4.25) and near the Start Line.  Permanent restrooms will be available at the Post-Race Party, inside the Summerfest grounds.


For participant safety as well as the timely reopening of streets to vehicular traffic, runners must reach key locations by specified times or they will be required to take transportation provided by the race to the Finish Line. Please obey all public safety officers and course marshals along the route.


Traffic and safety rules prohibit early starts. Any early starters will be eliminated from the Official Results. Participants that cannot maintain a 16-minute per mile pace will be required to board support buses provided by the race to be transported to the Finish Line.


The Back of the Pack Crew and SAG Wagon will signify the end of the field and the maximum 16-minute per mile pace. They will not start timing until the last person crosses the Start Line and will stay with those participants throughout the race. The Crew will help those participants who cannot keep pace board the SAG Wagon.